We are Thomas, Gera & Toni from Germany... and with the crazy idea of the energy drink as chewing gum we started summer 2020 .

For us at PWRGUM, the focus is on improving everyday performance. PWRGUM is our idea that allows you to start your day with plenty of energy, no matter what challenges await you.

We have an ambitious goal to make PWRGUM the first choice for anyone who has a constant need for energy - whether playing sports, gaming, working or studying. We're not just about a product. We want to create a lifestyle that focuses on dynamism, performance and health.

We believe that people who achieve success in their lives know the value of energy. This is exactly where PWRGUM comes in: It delivers energy exactly when it's needed.

Our vision for PWRGUM began with a desire for a healthier and more convenient alternative to energy drinks. But it quickly became clear that PWRGUM is more than that - it's about performance and quality of life.

Spurred on by the needs of our own families and friends, we launched PWRGUM. With our combined entrepreneurial experience and networks in sports, fitness and e-sports, PWRGUM is not just a product to us. It is the result of our shared passion and commitment.

We are proud of what we have accomplished with PWRGUM and are eager to continue living and sharing our vision. With PWRGUM, you can hit the ground running every day and reach your full potential. For us, it's not just the gum itself that matters, but the people behind it and the energy they invest in their passions.


Hello from your side of the Atlantic! We are Isaiah, John, Jakim, and Kyle - your dedicated PWRGUM team here in the USA.

Our journey began with a shared passion for PWRGUM’s mission, and now we’re here in the heart of America, ready to deliver the same invigorating experience that has captivated so many across the globe.


Isaiah, our creative genius, thrives on innovating how we present PWRGUM to you, ensuring it’s not just a product but a lifestyle.


John, the operational powerhouse, keeps our gears moving smoothly, ensuring each step from production to your doorstep is flawless and on time.


Jakim, your go-to guy for all things sales, effortlessly showcases the remarkable benefits of PWRGUM, one conversation at a time.


And then there's Kyle, your customer companion, ensuring that your journey with PWRGUM is memorable and gratifying.


United by our love for this energetic endeavor, we're here to ensure that PWRGUM’s vitality becomes a part of your daily rhythm. We’re more than excited to introduce PWRGUM to our home turf, bringing you an energy companion that stands out in the crowd.


Our mission? To make PWRGUM not just a product, but a companion in your active life. We’re here, ready to serve you, and thrilled about the many energetic days ahead.


Join us in this exhilarating venture, America. Your boundless energy journey with PWRGUM starts here, with us!


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CEO / Operations


CEO / Finance