For lessWaterconsumption !

Every year, more than 15 billion cans are produced for energy drinks. The aluminum used for this weighs as much as almost 1,000 jumbo jets! More than 5 billion liters of water are filled into the cans and transported around the world

SustainableChewing gum chew.

It has always been a concern of ours that we can make energy available everywhere and at all times through sustainability. And we wanted to get away from energy drinks. That forces you to always drink a lot, to carry cans around with you and to traipse to the deposit machine. Unlike the drinks, our PWRGUM is small, handy and requires no water at all.

We save 100% of aluminum and up to 99% of plastic and CO2. And because we don't use aluminum, we don't need to mine bauxite, which is mainly mined in Australia, China, Guinea and Brazil and causes enormous environmental damage. Instead, we also use recycled paper packaging and plant a Paulownia tree for every 10 packs of PWRGUM sold.

We want to help save water

We are just getting started

We are currently growing Paulownia trees on approx. 8 hectares with our partner. The wood of Paulownia can be used in many ways. It is easy to process and has good physical wood properties. It is light, light, hard and very durable.

Thanks to the dimensional stability, it is suitable for roof cantilevers, doors, windows and partitions. It has one of the lowest values in terms of thermal conductivity, therefore it is suitable as insulation material. Due to the excellent acoustic properties, it is also used in the construction of instruments.

100% less aluminum

For PWRGUM, of course, not a single aluminum can has to be produced, and we thereby protect against enormous environmental damage.

99% less plastic

Our PWRGUM packaging is made of 100% high quality recycled paper, so it is easy to dispose of in paper waste.

CO2 less emissions

Since no environmentally harmful bauxite has to be mined and no quantities of beverage pallets have to be transported, we save a lot of CO2!

150k+ Paulownia trees

On an area of 8 hectares, we are currently growing thousands of Paulownia trees. Every 15 these will be cut down and grow back twice.