Our STORYWe are Team PWRGUM !

We created PWRGUM to have a real energy drink alternative. Here is our whole story!

In the middle of 2020, we had the idea to look for an alternative for energy drinks. Our kids and friends were practically pulling the stuff by the pallet from the supermarket and consuming up to 7 cans a day! Besides, a can is pretty bulky for on the go, you have to drink a lot and the active ingredients go through the stomach first, which weakens the energy boost.

We launched a proof-of-concept with a white-label product at the end of August 2020 and sold over 7,000 packs of chewing gum within 2 months. After selling out, we formed a limited liability company in February 2021 and spent more than a year developing our own product. Because we wanted the best PWRGUM there is for us and you!

Basically, we had no idea about chewing gum and its production. But through our network, we were able to hook a mentor from the chewing gum industry with more than 25 years of experience. He not only opened many doors for us, but actively supported us in developing our PWRGUMS with specialists in functional chewing gums.

And yes, the food engineers in the lab really started to hate us because we tried so many variations. But we damn well wanted to have the best taste without bitterness with the best effect. So it actually took more than a whole year.

We, that's Toni, Gerardo and Thomas, are the three of us who founded PWRGUM GmbH. We are not the typical young founders now, but in fact all already over 50 years old. We all have a lot of experience with our own companies, also already founded several startups. Nevertheless, PWRGUM is a matter of the heart for the three of us.

Something that we want to make really big and can optimally combine with our network and experience from sports, fitness and e-sports. We ourselves are PWRGUM's best customers and use the chewing gums every day. And are closer to the customer than anyone else.

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Hey Power People, we are the founders of PWRGUM

PWRGUM is an energy chewing gum with 50mg caffeine and 40mg taurine.

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