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FAQ factsto PWRGUM

What is PWRGUM?

PWRGUM is an ultra-mobile energy chewing gum for the perfect power push. Highly effective & mega tasty!

Each gum contains 50mg of caffeine and 40mg of taurine. 
Each gum is equivalent to the energy ingredients in about 1 1/2 regular energy drinks!

Our PWRGUMs are naturally sugar-free and also tooth-care!

PWRGUM uses the combined effects of the energizing power of caffeine and taurine along with the scientifically proven effects of chewing to help stay awake, alert and focused.

PWRGUM consists of natural ingredients that are approved and completely safe for consumption.
Caffeine - derived from plants such as tea, cocoa beans and kola beans, is commonly consumed to increase alertness and concentration.
Taurine - Taurine is very important especially for our heart muscle and it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Taurine has a stimulating or boosting effect.
As long as you follow the recommended dosage, you should not experience any side effects. If you consume PWRGUM excessively, you may experience sleep disturbances, headaches, heart palpitations, and nervousness, among other symptoms.

While driving, traveling, studying or working, exercising, playing video games, or whenever you need an energy boost.

The new PWRGUMs have especially one thing no longer: the bitter taste of caffeine. We spent over a year tweaking the formulas to create the best taste with the best effect.
Double Mint has a super fresh mint flavor while Energy tastes like the typical energy drink that everyone knows.
Due to the new formula, you can buy PWRGUM even after three hours without any problems, because the chewing gums remain fluffy and still tasty.

No, of course we do not use aspartame. Just as we do without titanium dioxide.

We recommend not to exceed the maximum dose of 4 chewing gums per day. Our gum contains high doses of caffeine and taurine. Every body reacts differently to these ingredients and before you harm yourself, please follow our recommendation.

Attention, increased caffeine content. Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women.
  • People with cardiovascular diseases
  • People taking ADHD medications, sleeping pills, or tranquilizers.
  • People who are sensitive to caffeine
Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the specified daily intake. Keep out of reach of small children.

We recommend that PWRGUM not be consumed until the age of 13.

PWRGUM chewing gums are produced in a patented manufacturing process at room temperature. This ensures the preservation and full effectiveness of the ingredients. Cheaper methods produce at temperatures up to 120° C which inevitably leads to a reduction of the added active ingredients.

  • Energy drinks contain between 27g and 54g of sugar. PWRGUM does not contain sugar.
  • Due to the rapid absorption of the active ingredients through the oral mucosa, the full effect develops after about 5 minutes. Energy drinks and mix shakes usually take between 15 and 45 minutes to do so.
  • A lot of liquid must be consumed to achieve the same effect, since the effectiveness of the active ingredients is reduced by the stomach acid.
  • While energy drinks & mix shakes can damage the teeth and due to added B vitamins the liver, PWRGUM is a functional chewing gum and cares for the teeth while chewing.
  • Increased consumption of energy drinks and mixed drinks can lead to obesity and diabetes.
  • Mixed drinks made from powders can never be dosed exactly right and are often overdosed due to stronger effects.
  • You'll never have a full desk of empties while gambling again
  • Anyone who has taken a drink while running outside knows how sh... that is. With the gum you are on the easy and safe side!

Roundto your order

Can I still change my order?

Once you have ordered from us, it is usually no longer possible to adjust the order because the order is executed by our logistics. If in doubt, just call us or send us an email. Let's see what we can do.

Basically, after an order is also an order confirmation and when shipping a shipping confirmation with tracking number out. You can also check the order confirmation online in your account and print it out. 

If in doubt, just contact us briefly and we will send everything out to you again.

Since the order usually goes directly to shipping, it is usually not possible. But just contact us and we will see how we can help.

Contact our support team and describe your issue. It is always helpful to send photos (or even a video) in addition to a description. 

We will take care of your problem in a timely manner.

Shipping& Delivery

How much are the shipping costs?

In Germany we ship free of shipping costs from 39 €!


In Germany we ship free of charge from an order value of 39,00 €, for lower order value the shipping costs 4,90 €.
The shipping costs to the remaining countries are between 4,90 € and 19,90 € depending on the country.

The flat shipping rate includes the statutory value added tax. Since the VAT on the flat shipping rate is calculated depending on the goods purchased, it may be reduced if goods are purchased at lower VAT rates. This means that the shipping fee can only be finally calculated during the ordering process. However, it can not be higher, but only lower in your favor.

Yes of course! We ship with DHL and as soon as your order goes on its way, you will automatically receive a shipping email with a tracking link. Via the tracking link you can even view live (depending on availability at DHL) where your package is currently located.

This is basically stupid and unfortunately cannot be changed after an order has been placed. However, we can still try to stop and redirect the package. Please contact our support immediately at +49 7195 / 97 88 191 (Mon. - Fri. from 09-18) or by mail to info@pwrgum.com.

First and foremost, we're terribly sorry about that, because we know what it's like to not have your beloved PWRGUM to fall back on!

Due to the tracking number you can always check what happened to the package. If it is not with the neighbor or on the windowsill, then contact us. We will see if we can send you a new package and at the same time order an investigation.

Normally, shipping takes between 1 - 3 days within Germany. Abroad sometimes longer. Since the world is going crazy, it may take a little longer, which we are already sorry. Through the tracking you can always see where your package is.

Of course you can also have your order delivered to a DHL Packstation. Please make sure that you enter the correct delivery address including last name, packing station number and packing station zip code & city. 

Return& Refund

Can I return my order to you?

This is not a problem, although it has never happened so far 😀 

If you want to return your order, please use the following procedure and fill out the return form to make sure everything goes smoothly:
  1. You want to return the PWRGUM to us. Please take a picture of it before you pack it up and send it back.
  2. Please enclose the invoice in the package or a note with the order number and your address.
  3. Send the package to: PWRGUM GmbH, Krokusstr. 33, 73663 Berglen.
  4. Write down the tracking link you receive when you post the package and share it with us (support@pwrgum.com).
Once we receive the return, we will process it and refund you as soon as possible. However, the process can take up to three weeks.

PWRGUM is a food product. Therefore, it is not possible and legally / hygienically allowed to return already opened / opened packages.

We therefore recommend that you perhaps offer the PWRGUm to a friend or someone in the family.