Energy gumEnergy gumThe energy drink alternative

Our PWRGUMs are ultra-portable and the ultimate energy solution for gamers, athletes, students and anyone who needs an energy boost.
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Tastes & acts like an energy drinkTastes & acts like an energy drinkBut it ain't one at all 😉

Improved focus and concentration to mental alertness and concentration!
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50mg Caffeine

We use natural caffeine. Both in free form and in nanotechnology

40mg Taurine

Perfect complement to caffeine, which in combination can lead to a better increase in performance

100% Sugar free

Our PWRGUMs naturally contain no sugar

No drinking

You don't need any liquid for quick energy

POWERPOWERfor us & you

We were tired of energy drinks, gallons of unhealthy liquor and boring deposit marathons. We put more than 1 year of development in PWRGUMs for you!

More power and energy against the daily madness

fights fatigue and improves your mood and your day!

Our StoryOur Storyfrom the idea to the product

How three crazy 50+ founders put an insane idea into action and want to conquer the energy world with you


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What is PWRGUM?

PWRGUM - the ultimate energy solution for gamers, athletes, students and anyone who needs an energy boost. Our energy gums contain caffeine and taurine, two ingredients that give you the push you need to perform your best.

Our PWRGUM Energy Chewing Gums are specially formulated to give you a quick and convenient energy boost. The caffeine in our chewing gums can help improve mental focus and concentration, making it a great option for gamers, athletes, students, and professionals who need to maintain a high level of attention and concentration for an extended period of time.

Our PWRGUMs also increase physical energy and endurance, which is beneficial for athletes who need to perform at their best during training and competition, or for students who need to stay alert during long periods of study. PWRGUM can combat fatigue and improve overall energy levels, which can be a major concern for gamers, athletes, and students who need to perform at their best for extended periods of time.

Our PWRGUMs are ultra-portable, making them a convenient alternative for gamers who want to take them to competitions or for those who are always on the go. PWRGUMs are currently available in two different flavors, Double Mint and Energy.

Our PWRGUMs also contain taurine, which can increase physical performance and endurance.

Try PWRGUM today and experience the difference. With PWRGUM, you can perform at your best and stay alert all day long.