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PWRGUM is involved in sponsoring various projects, be it e-sports, fitness, music or events. Partnerships are inspired by personality, creativity, extraordinary talent and special achievements that offer added value for both sides. 


Dominic is one of the most aspiring karting talents of today. PWRGUM is official sponsor of Dominic and supports him in his sporting successes and trainings.

Did we mention that green is Dominic's favorite color?! 😀 


LEISURE was founded in Koblenz in 1999 and is considered the largest, oldest and most successful eSport team from Koblenz to date. LEISURE is characterized by fair play, teamwork and loyalty and has made it its business to present the sport of the 21st century with its regional focus, commitment and passion.

Since January 2019 LeiSuRe became Team LEISURE. Through a merger with the SNOGARD Dragons and the rebranding Team LEISURE has repositioned itself in the management.

PWRGUM is very happy to support Team Leisure as a strong partner.

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