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Social media is a fundamental part of our communication. Therefore we work intensively with influencers and partners. We are also happy to work with you as #teampwrgum! Please send us your request using the form below.

We would like to know the following information from you:

  • Info about you (we want to know you better!)
  • On which SocialMedia platform would you like to apply for a job?
  • Follower number
  • Link(s) of your channels e.g. Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube or wherever you want to promote us!

We will review your application and look forward to hopefully working with you.

social media
  • In order for us to send you our PWRGUMs, we need your postal address
  • Enter the calculated number of your total followers
  • On which channel are you particularly active
  • Please write something about yourself and your request, why exactly you are an ideal cooperation partner for PWRGUM.
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