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The following are answers to frequently asked questions

PWRGUM is a functional, sugar-free chewing gum with the energizing power of caffeine, taurine and guarana, with a long-lasting mint taste that gives you an energy boost.

Each chewing gum contains 80mg caffeine, 20mg guarana and 20mg taurine. 

Each chewing gum corresponds to the energy ingredients of about 1 1/2 regular energy drinks! Of course without sugar and without deposit!

PWRGUM uses the combined effects of the energizing power of caffeine, guarana and taurine along with the scientifically proven effects of chewing, which help to stay awake, alert and focused.

PWRGUM consists of natural ingredients that are approved and completely safe for consumption.
Caffeine - derived from plants such as tea, cocoa beans and cola beans, is generally consumed to increase alertness and concentration.

Guarana - a creeping shrub native to the Amazon rainforest, which produces small, bright red fruits whose seeds have been used by indigenous tribes for centuries to reduce mental fatigue and maintain spiritual awareness.

Taurine - Taurine is very important, especially for our heart muscle and it lowers the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Taurine has a stimulating or uplifting effect.

If you follow the recommended dosage, you should not experience any side effects. If you use PWRGUM excessively, you may experience sleep disturbances, headaches, palpitations and nervousness.


PWRGUM has a characteristic and refreshing mint flavour that gives you a fresh breath.

After a while, especially sensitive people can feel a little bitterness for a short time. After several tests we have developed PWRGUM with this characterizing taste to remind you that it contains caffeine and should not be confused with another "fun gum".

Yes and no. At first you notice the strong, sweet, minty taste of the gum. Then comes a short phase in which the high-dose caffeine gains the upper hand and tastes slightly bitter for a while. That's what caffeine is all about and because we don't use sugar, some people taste it more than others.

But as soon as the caffeine is out of the gum, you can chew the mint gum again with pleasure.

Pro-tip: If it gets bitter, simply add a second piece of chewing gum, then you will hardly notice the temporary bitterness!

NO, PWRGUM does not contain aspartame.

We recommend not to exceed the maximum dose of 4 chewing gums per day. Our chewing gum contains high doses of caffeine, guarana and taurine. Every body reacts differently to these ingredients and before you do harm to yourself, please follow our recommendations.

Warning, elevated caffeine content. Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women.

  • People with cardiovascular diseases
  • People who are taking ADHD medication, sleeping pills or sedatives
  • People who are sensitive to caffeine

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the stated daily consumption quantity and keep out of the reach of small children.

We recommend to consume PWRGUM from the age of 13.

PWRGUM chewing gums are produced in a patented manufacturing process produced at room temperature. This ensures the preservation and full effectiveness of the ingredients. Cheaper methods produce at temperatures up to 120° C which inevitably leads to a reduction of the added ingredients

  • Energy drinks contain between 27g and 54g sugar. PWRGUM contains no sugar.
  • Due to the fast absorption of the active ingredients through the oral mucosa, the full effect is already unfolded after about 5 minutes. Energy drinks and mix shakes usually require between 15 and 45 minutes for this.
  • A lot of liquid must be taken in order to achieve the same effect, because the stomach acid reduces the effectiveness of the active ingredients
  • While energy drinks & mix shakes can damage the teeth and, due to the addition of B vitamins, the liver, PWRGUM is a functional chewing gum and cares for the teeth when chewing.
  • The briefly slightly tart taste reminds of the fact that it is a functional chewing gum with a corresponding effect while energy drinks and mix shakes taste considerably sweet and "harmless". 
  • Increased consumption of energy drinks and mixed drinks can lead to overweight and diabetes.
  • Mixed drinks made from powders can never be dosed exactly right and are often overdosed due to stronger effects.
  • You'll never have a full desk full of empties again when you gamble
  • Anyone who's had a drink while running outside knows what a sh... that is. With gum, you're on the easy and safe side!

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