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Just reward yourself

As soon as you buy a PWRGUM chewing gum from us, you will receive EXP points and automatically join our levelling system. The more products you buy from us, the more points you can collect.

You can use these points either for discounts or our cool merchandise products.

In addition to purchasing our products, we offer you a variety of additional ways to increase your points account free of charge. You can find all the options and how many points you can earn in the table below.

The Rewards will be extended or exchanged from time to time. So be quick as long as they still exist 😉

Good luck with the PWRGUM Man! 

level system

Reach different levels in our system and unlock corresponding benefits.

EXP Points

With every purchase you will automatically receive EXP points. You can exchange them for discounts and merchandise.

VIP club

As a VIP member you will receive a member card from us, which you can use at various events


From 2.500 EXP


From 5.000 EXP


From 10.000 EXP


From 15.000 EXP

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Rewards Overview

Here you see an overview of the free rewards you can unlock.  Please scroll down to unlock the desired rewards.

10% Discount

Reward value: 600 EXP
Get 10% discount on your order.

PWRGUM bracelet

Reward value: 250 EXP
Cool silicone bracelet with 3D lettering

PWRGUM bracelet TEAM

Reward value: 1,000 EXP
5 Ste Ste bracelets for you and your team

sticker set

Reward value: 1,100 EXP
Our cool sticker set for sticking everywhere!

PWRGUM Lanyard

Reward value: 2,500 EXP
Stylish design lanyard with safety lock

XXL Gamer Mousepad

Reward value: 4,000 EXP
Our huge gamer mousepad - 50 x 30 cm large

snapback cap

Reward value: 8,000 EXP
Original Snapback Cap with PWRGUM Logo

Coming soon

Coming soon

Unlock Rewards

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